Sep 25, 2018 After a nearly ten years construction period, the «Kazan» (K-561) sailed out from the yard in Severodvinsk on Monday. The Barents Observer .

K-560 Severodvinsk is a Yasen-class submarine nuclear attack submarine of the Russian Navy. The construction of the submarine started in 1993 and was first .

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The Yasen-class, Russian designation Project 885 Yasen (ash tree), also known erroneously One only has to look at the Severodvinsk, Russia's version of a nuclear guided missile submarine (SSGN). I am so impressed.

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Aug 11, 2018 PM-124, a barge built in 1960, is severely contaminated by radionuclides after serving the Zvezdockha shipyard in Severodvinsk since the first .


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